DIY Project: Restore Insulation and Drywall Replacement

There are so many reasons why stain is visible on the ceiling. Just looking at it feels somewhat terrible as it’s not pleasing to the eyes. Another reason for the stain on the ceiling can be caused by a leaking refrigerant line.

To repair or even replace the damaged area can be costly if you seek professional help but there are ways you yourself can fix the problem.  With the right tools and positive attitude, you can do repair or even replace the damaged ceiling. To make a ceiling look new again, up skill how to identify and fix stains.

Restore Insulation

Materials: drywall saw,  polyethylene insulation, tape

  •   Cut through the ceiling drywall to expose the cause of the stain using a drywall saw, in this situation, the stain is produced by condensation from the air-conditioning refrigerant line.
  •   Next step, detach old insulation.
  •   Using a new piece of polyethylene insulation, measure and cut to a size that will fit the area that needs to be replaced. Using a tape, secure to the refrigerant line.

Drywall Replacement

Materials: Utility knife, drywall (for replacement)

  •   Patch the hole in the drywall ensuring the pipe is properly insulated.
  •   Install a 2″ x 4″ cut to length into the existing ceiling after squaring off the hole.  For attaching the drywall patch, the 2″ x 4″ will provide a base.
  •   Using a utility knife, measure the new section of drywall and cut it to the size needed.
  •   Secure with screws after sliding it in place.

Time to Paint

Materials: Scraper, paint, drywall tape, sanding paper

  •   Use a scraper to scrape off the stucco finish around the seam if the ceiling is the textured type.
  •   Apply the first layer of joint compound after taping off the seams with drywall tape.
  •   Let the first layer to totally dry, do sanding if needed and apply a second layer.
  •   Repeat the procedure as needed.
  •   To finish, patch by coordinating the stucco pattern on the ceiling.
  •   Paint the ceiling using the same color currently applied.